Debord Falls

Visited Frozen Head State park in East Tennessee on the weekend. Went to Debord Falls amongst a couple of other trails

Specific Feedback Requested

Any comment welcome

Technical Details

Focal length: 28mm
aperture: f/8
iso: 100
exposure: 0.5 sec

Processed in Lightroom


Wonderful image. It is great as is but you might consider opening up the detail in the waterfall rocks slightly for a little more detail and maybe graduated burning from the top to darken the forest highlights. That said, I would hang it on my wall as is.

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That is a lovely waterfall Eddie, and I like the water texture you chose. The triple on the right is especially lovely. That’s a beautiful green forest to back it up too.

Sometimes I think we go overboard with crop recommendations, but with that disclaimer out of the way I would consider it for this image. The edges on the sides and bottom don’t keep up with the rest of the image IMHO, and I think you can crop some of that out to better emphasize the central star that the waterfall is.

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Great shot Ed. Lots of detail, flow and balance in the shot. The shutter speed is perfect, in my opinion for the water flow…enough blur AND enough detail in the water to show the different flows.

I like the comp, wouldn’t crop it. I will say that there are a couple of wet spots/rocks on the right side rocks that catch my eye a little bit. As you know our eyes are drawn to the brightest spots in the image and having a bright-ish spot away from the subject sort of pulls my eye away. It’s not a big thing, just something that caught my attention as I was soaking in the beauty of the shot.

Well seen and shot!

I like how that black rock parts the water like the prow of a ship. The bright greenery above the falls adds a lot to this image. The river below seems like the weakest element in this comp.

Nice exposure overall and shutter speed is spot on (at least for my taste). I really like the composition with the falls being the central (physically and metaphorically) character. I’m a bit torn about the foreground water. It has a bit of a muddy look to it. I wonder how pushing it a bit cooler/bluer or desaturating it would look. That said, this is a very compelling image.

I like the SS choice here, nicely done. I agree with others on the muddy water in the FG, might be worth re-working some of that or desaturating it some.


I love the pop and pure white of the falls and how the water contrasts beautifully with the rest of the scene.

I like this quite a lot as presented. My only suggestion would be to squeeze out just enough detail out of the deep rock shadows. I would also agree the water at the bottom is the weakest part - the challenge there is that you can’t really eliminate or mitigate it - so not sure what to recommend if anything.

Otherwise, a lovely and peaceful image.