Desert Moon

Remember when everyone was going crazy posting Blood Moon shots last Late January? Well after weeks of research, I headed out to Arches & Canyonlands to watch the Blood Moon drop right top of Balanced Rock…Last minute clouds popped up and there goes nothin! Ya win some you lose some. Instead, I spent the next few nights shooting the full moon wherever personified “Desert” for my eyes…I hope the encompassing elements in these two images transports you to those amazing desert nights, under a full moons glow…

Really nice Kane. I think the clouds give these a great feel and add a lot of interest, plus nice framing.

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The gnarly, silhouetted trees and clouds add atmosphere and a sense of mystery.

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This is some good stuff, Kane!

It’s rare that I find a moon photo where the moon is the main subject interesting. But you really gave a sense of being in the place with these shots. Kudos.

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I probably have mentioned this before, but the whispy clouds really provide some nice mood for the moon to shine through. Composition is well done for sure!

Thanks for the comments NPNers…Glad a couple of moon shots piqued your interest enough to have a look. :slight_smile: