Desert playa abstract

Desert playa abstract
(Bruce Couch) #1

Please list any pertinent technical details or techniques:

(If this is a composite, etc. please be honest with your techniques to help others learn)

Mavic Pro 2 shot from about 100’

This is my fav image from a short trip we took this weekend to SE Oregon.

(Hank Pennington) #2

Wow, Bruce! That’s almost enough to make me buy a good drone.

I grew up around playas in the desert and thought I favored the “ground” view. But this leans so hard on my taste for abstracts that I now have a new favorite. A tremendous image that deserves printing very large for walls. Folks could spend hours looking at it without recognition, but it transcends the abstract to sharp reality once they learn what it is. I love the slide back and forth between abstract and literal, and you flat nailed it. Or would that perhaps be “litoral?” :smiley:

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(Michael McGee) #3

This is really amazing. Wonderfully evocative, thanks for sharing.

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(Bruce Couch) #4

Thanks Hank. the low angle on the tiles was getting old for me and just about that time I saw a ‘down shot’ from Gary Randall and I was hooked. As far as the drone… it’s hard to beat a good magic flying camera. :slightly_smiling_face:

(Marylynne Diggs) #5

This is really nice, Bruce. I like the abstract quality and the texture. I know this is not really a “field report” thread, but it looks like the Alvord Desert still has a good bit of water right now. Is that accurate?

(Bruce Couch) #6

Yeah, fair amount. I would say about 1/4 to 1/3 is covered. We parked about a 1/4 mile from it and had to move camp once cause the wind started blowing it i bit too close for comfort. Lot more color on the playa this year than prior years.

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(Bruce Couch) #7


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(Marylynne Diggs) #8

Thanks, Bruce. We’ve been thinking about a Memorial Day trip. Less water by then, but too much to camp in the middle of it all. I’ll share what I can make of it.

Again, kudos on a lovely abstract.

(Bruce Couch) #9

Just a heads up. On memorial weekend there is a group of about 300-400 people that show up out there for a “burningfamily” event and they are loud and annoying as fuk.

(Marylynne Diggs) #10

Ugh, good to know. We might go early (i.e. Thursday and Friday), but then again, maybe mid-June is better. I’ve never been when Steens still has snow. Most of my ventures there have been autumn.

(Bruce Couch) #11

Mid june is MotoMusko. 400 motorcyclists. I am heading back out with a bunch of photographers the last weekend in June. New Moon. fairly calm group. :slight_smile:

The first weekend in June is prob pretty good too

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(Eva McDermott) #12

Spectacular abstract Bruce.