Small cabin in a plain near a dry wash in Carson National Forest, New Mexico, that appears to have been abandoned and left to fall into state of disrepair.

EF 70-200mm @ 110mm; f/16 @ 1/15 sec, ISO 100

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Quite desolate and isolated. Please tell me you walked over and took some up close, too. Cabins like this are irresistible!

Thank you, Ms. Smith. I was principally intending to convey the desolation and isolation you mentioned. This area is fenced off and I could not find anyone to ask permission to venture out onto the property. The last thing I want is an irate owner or officer of some sort confronting me for trespassing. If there was no fence I would have gone out there.

Oh well poop on them. Great image even with straightened circumstances. I get it though - I never go where the signs tell me not to.