Dewed Aster Duo

With heavy dew, no wind and morning light, I couldn’t pass up photographing some of my late blooming asters. I managed to find these two reasonably isolated from the remaining hordes. Only after processing the 29 shot stack did I notice the fly, which didn’t move during the entire stack.

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Nice image and incredible the fly did not move! Those are some late bloomers for your neck of the woods.

Amazing detail and a pleasant composition. Even after reading your intro it took awhile to find the fly. Its always nice to see the late blooming aster in the fall. Thanks for posting this.

Mark; I am always truly amazed at your gorgeous “stacked” photos. And then you manage to get the wildlife you play along. Truly a delight to look at over and over again. Thanks for sharing.

Mark: One has to view this large to appreciate the impact. The fly is a nice little “Where’s Waldo?” element. I also like the OOF asters in the lower BG. Superbly crafted image. >=))>

Mark, Great image! one of the best stacking with everything in crisp focus. Love the colors and details. dew is a plus. Great work! Lucky that during the fall there was dew and no wind. It just doesn’t happen where I live.