Did Somebody Say Nuts?!

Yesterday my bike got a flat tire so I planned on walking to my photo destination. Never really made it there because there was so much to photograph on the way! Right in my neighborhood I spotted a squirrel under a tree so I crouched down on the road (no traffic at the time!) to capture her. I think she was curious about what in the world was this crazy human doing sitting on the road with a box on her face! I had to control myself from laughing to hard, it was such a cute pose she made!

Specific Feedback Requested


Technical Details

Is this a composite: No
Nikon D3400
ISO 200
Cropped and adjusted exposure slightly

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I’m surprised no one has commented. Great shot with the squirrel in focus and looking like it’s ready to run over and join you. I like the position of the squirrel in the frame and the pine bow in the lower corner adds texture without distracting from the subject.

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@Merle_Cook Thanks, Merle! I’m so glad you like it. I thought maybe people were getting tired of all my squirrel pictures.

I meant to say something at the time I first saw this, but then had to step away and it got lost in the shuffle. I think that I need a better way to navigate the images here.

The pose is great and the light is pretty soft and lovely. The fur looks super shiny and soft. Her face isn’t 100% sharp, but in the small image looks pretty good. Nicely done.