Dinner Time

Yes this shot has been done ad naseum before, but this is mine LOL A visit to Brooks Camp in Katmai National Park is almost a mandatory thing, at least to see it once. When the fish are running, there will be bears there and most likely on top the falls catching the salmon swimming upstream. Not to mention a handful of bears at the base of the falls snagging them before they jump.

I run a photo workshop in Katmai to photograph the bears and we will take one day to visit Brooks. Normally, we are out in more rugged natural environments photographing the bears. It is a bucket list experience and one I’m so thankful to be able to do each year.

Technical Details

Composite: No
Fujifilm X-T2
ISO 6400


Very cool action shot, John. As you said, it’s been done hundreds of times, but this one is yours. Awesome.

thanks David. I have many unique bear images from Katmai, and, I still like this one because it’s mine :slight_smile:

I always like these Brooks Falls images, and the Katmai is indeed an extraordinary place to photograph fishing bears. I thoroughly enjoyed the Alagnak River last Sockeye season.

Thanks Charles. It truly is a special place. I’ve not been to the Alagnak River, but checking on the map that looks like a great location!

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