Dirty Devil from Burr Overlook

The Dirty Devil River is an 80-mile-long tributary of the Colorado River. It flows through southern Utah from the confluence of the Fremont River and Muddy Creek before emptying into the Colorado River at Lake Powell. Here it is meandering around Gibex Point, past Sam’s Mesa on its way toward The Big Ridge.
The dirt access route to this overlook runs easterly across the Burr Desert flat lands ending at the cliff tops of the Dirty Devil River. Views across, up, and down the canyon are stunning and have as backdrops the Abajos, the La Sal, and the Henry Mountains. Burr Point Overlook is also occasionally used as a trailhead to access the Dirty Devil River. This access however has been described as challenging, techincal, and risky. There are no developed facilities at Burr Point Overlook.

Technical Details

EF 16-35mm @ 27mm; f/ 16 @ 1/160 sec, ISO 400; Three images stitched in Photoshop using Auto align and Auto blend scripts

Wow, what a vista. Thanks for sharing, Bob.

Thank you, David. The adventure of getting to the location was way too much fun as there are only tracks in the sandy terrain but no “directional signs” to guide one. I would advise anyone interested in going there to not attempt to go out, or come back from there in the dark.