What is nature photography? I have asked myself this many times. The thread that connects photography to the world of art (which is abstract) is extremely thin, but it cannot be denied that photography, understood as a creative and expressive form, is now visual art and makes use of the elements of nature and all that which follows requires a greater psychic and physical effort and therefore a close collaboration in a sea of abstraction between psyche, body and nature.

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Technical Details

Composite: No
Sony 6400 and Sony 100-400

This is lovely, Antonio, as are your thoughts on nature photography. Thank you for sharing both with us.

Antonio, this is excellent. And it would make one very difficult puzzle! :slightly_smiling_face:

The richness and density of the green background complement those beautiful branches - “divenire” = “transcendence” ? You are transcending the natural world with your artistic vision? I like your way of making me think.

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Thank you very much Linda, you are most gentle!

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Thank you David, I appreciated.

Thank you very much! By Divenire I mean change, movement without taking reality into account.

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Antonio, this is a wonderful piece of art for me. I admire the firm structure given by the trunks and branches, furthermore the delicate texture of the foliage and the incredible details that keep me exploring the image for a long time. The sense of transition is always fascinating to me and your work conveys it impressively to me.

Thank you so much for your beautiful words, I’m really delighted you enjoyed it. It is an image of this spring that I particularly care about and that I also had the opportunity to print on 60x40 fine art paper.