The landscape is on its way to getting bone dry. A small opening in the rock near a water point, about a meter in length and about 3 inches wide.
I thought its hair stuffed inside,
There were hundreds and may be a thousand of them. They are called vibrating spiders, or daddy long leg spiders. They were either stuck to the roof or on the floor …and their long legs.
I had no clue on how to expose and what to present. The were all vibrating constantly, Light was directly on to them.
For now I have tried to make a record shot.
All those lines you see in the frame are the legs of the many spiders…

6DII, 180 Tamron, ISO 800, 1/ 100, F8
Balan Vinod

Balan, I don’t think I have ever heard of that many Grand Daddy Long Legs in one place before. Wonder what they were doing, feeding on something? Interesting.

A really intriguing image. I just had to research this. I looked up “why Daddy Long legs (Harvestmen) congregate in clusters.” Had videos of what you experienced and shot. Apparently they cluster for defense since they have no venom. When something threatens them they cluster and when attacked scatter in all directions in hopes of confusing the attacker.

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Balan, what a great find! Nice job of careful observation. It’s a neat fact to learn.