Dorada is my mother’s Paso Fino mare. I’ve been wanting to get a few nice shots of the horses for her for a while now.

Specific Feedback Requested

Lately I have been drawn to dramatic light and letting the shadows fall to black.
Any feedback is welcome. :slight_smile:

Technical Details

1/1600, f.8, ISO 800


Oh my, this is an absolutely stunning portrait of the mare, Christine. I think the light fall off is perfect. I think this image is perfect as is. Terrific lighting and the ears pointing forward too. Excellent. Well done.

@David_Bostock Thank you so much! I’m glad you like it. It was actually pretty difficult to get this little goof to point those ears. LOL

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This is so stunning and beautiful. The sparing use of light and deep dark shadows is really eye catching. This needs to be printed and up on a wall for your mom!

This is gorgeous, Christine. I love the lighting, particularly the treatment of the shadows. Once you let your eyes adjust, the slightly visible body and shadowed section of the face make it perfect. I wouldn’t change a thing.

PS. I just showed it to my wife (I think her first word was “horse”), and she loves it.

Wonderful!! Perfect tonalities and a beautiful subject with a contemplative pose! She looks very intelligent and must be a joy to ride!

Excellent. Easy to tell when a photographer knows about the subject.
A love of horses comes through.

Thank you so much Mark! I think we will get a few prints made from the photos this day. :slight_smile:

Thank you Dennis! I am glad you liked it.
I just laughed out loud at your wife’s first word. LOL :slight_smile:

Thank you Diane! I should post some of the “outtakes”, she’s a little goober. :wink:

And Thank you @Dan_Kearl! I really appreciate your comment. I’ve been around horses for most of my life and I find them so wonderful to photograph.

Thanks again everyone for the comments! :slight_smile: