Drumrunie Sublime

Drumrunie, Inverpolly, Scotland

There are some images you take that you just cannot wait to see as you feverishly tear open the envelope and your transparencies tumble out onto a light box, well they do if you are a film user. I had been anticipating these pictures back and I am happy to say they didn’t disappoint. This page are amongst the finest winter landscapes I think I have ever taken with sublime clarity, phenomenal lighting with once in a decade circumstances and the relevant peak of Stac Pollaidh hit by sunlight for a split second at just the right moment beneath a bubbling sky. Drop dead gorgeous.

Pentax 67II, 45mm lens, f/16 at 1/8 Second, Fuji Velvia 50.


I remember that “Christmas morning” anticipation feeling very well, and it’s one of the things I miss after having converted to digital. Unprocessed raw files usually just don’t create that instant gratification :grinning:

This is exquisite Ian, and a great illustration of how having a strong composition and nice light can have so much more impact than a subject with a lot of color. This is one of my favorites of your images, very nicely done.

Congratulations on the 2018 Editor’s Pick Ian. Happy New year! I love the foreground lines in this image.

Absolutely beautiful.

The softness of the image is sublime, yet the contrast and light keeps you exploring the image. There are beautiful details throughout and they’ve been captured and handled perfectly.