Dynamic Invariant #4

Another from the Dynamic Invariant series all taken while paddling the Bloodvein River in Northeastern Manitoba.

Is this a composite: No

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I love this series, Kerry. For me, this is about the color, form, movement and energy. The abstract quality lets my mind go wherever it wants to wander. Very nicely done.

A good impact with this abstract, Kerry, some interesting streaky lines creating strong energy, nicely done. Would have liked to see the f stop and ss on this.

@linda_mellor , @Stephen_Stanton - Thank you both for taking the time to look and respond - it’s always helpful to get feedback. I’m sorry about that, Stephen, I usually don’t bother posting EXIF data but I suppose in this kind of shot it could be of interest, so: ISO 200, f/13, 200mm (300mm FF), ⅛ sec. Hope that helps.

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Just enough texture in the water to prevent the whites from going solid. this is much more of an abstract scene than your first Invariant image. To really appreciate this one you have to view it large where you can just make out the texture and the dream like quality of the movement. I still prefer #1 but I do really like this one as well.

Thanks @Kerry_Gordon. I read your response on the earlier post and that was informative.