E117 Discussion - David Cobb

E117 Discussion - David Cobb

Let’s talk about the episode with David Cobb! What did you get out of it / enjoy?

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Fantastic guest. He has so much wisdom to share from his experience.

It’s obvious that the landscape photography industry is dire when a legend like him struggles. It’s becoming an industry of workshops which are becoming more litigious and more flooded with leaders.

I found his travel experience engaging. I never would have considered the photographic possibilities of Arkansas.


Good thoughts Nathan. The industry is in such a strange place for sure. I think there’s ways to make it work but you gotta hustle and you gotta collaborate.

PS I was able to ask your questions of Waihou Pan. =) Appreciate it.

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It was a really interesting conversation, and I agree with @Nathan_Klein re: the struggles of photography in today’s environment.

Living in Fort Worth myself, it was a shock to hear him pick our Japanese garden as one of the best out of the 125 or so he’s visited! It has gotten a bit run down but, as of today, there’s now an admission fee for the main garden that’s intended to help drive revenue to deliver much needed repairs throughout the complex. The gardens are really beautiful, though… I’ve only gone once but may try to catch fall colors this year.

Thanks mate! I’m looking forward to that episode