E142 Discussion - Photo Education and Creativity

Good afternoon friends!
I would love to hear your thoughts on the latest episode of the podcast with @Sean_Bagshaw , @Alex_Noriega , @Suzanne_Mathia , @Guy_Tal and David Cobb!



For me this episode was the gold standard for your podcast. There’s so much to unpack and I found it to be a thought provoking discussion. Creativity, expression and finding ones own voice are aspects of our craft that perhaps no one masters but hearing different artist offering different points of view gives us something to think about.

I too am inspired by guy’s insights and I may see you on one of his workshops!

Being a professional musician I can attest to the correlations made between learning a musical instrument and photography. The discussion about creativity and craft is very similar to conversations I have with my students and other musicians all of the time.

Bravo to all!

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Welcome to NPN Jon! I am really glad you enjoyed this episode. We have received mixed feedback which is always interesting to see!

Thanks @Nathan_Klein for your comment too! I am really glad you enjoyed it!