E143 Discussion - Royce Bair

This week Royce Bair​ joined us for an awesome discussion on the podcast. I had fun asking him about how night photography has changed in the past decade, talking about our approaches to night photography, our upcoming book “Secrets from the Stars,” Royce’s awesome e-book and the upcoming NightScaper Conference - both of which Royce provided discount codes to for listeners!

And I had a little fun asking him to counter some arguments posed by @Alex_Noriega about night photography last week.

Great podcast as always, Matt. When I first got into photography, specifically Astro, Royce was someone who I learned a ton from so I have been really excited for this episode! I want to try making the night sky more of a accent to my landscape shots, an idea I first heard from Wayne Pinkston.

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Absolutely. Royce has been a big inspiration to a lot of people over the years and rightfully so.

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