Early morning Sunshine on Anglezarke, Lancashire

What technical feedback would you like if any?

All feedback welcome

What artistic feedback would you like if any?

All feedback welcome

Pertinent technical details or techniques:

Two images, one of the sky and one of the land, combined using PS.

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Hi Martin,

Lovely warm light in this scene. I can see why you took a shot.

Is it an optical illusion or is there lens distortion making the horizon appear slanted as well as the fence post? Maybe some warping to straighten things up would help

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Awesome mood was generated with the warm light, I think a little detail is that the fence is just too close to the border of the frame. Very nice shot.

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What wonderful light. It’s a Turner sky. Great job on the blend as the sky looks very natural with the land.

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Thanks Nathan. I did struggle with the horizon.
I was sure I had it level in camera at the time I took the photo but when I looked at it on the computer it looked wrong. I compensated by rotating the image slightly which then moved the fence post out. I didn’t think about warping but it’s a great suggestion.
I’ve made a note to check the horizon again next time I’m up there. I may have had it right in the first place and there is an optical illusion.

Thanks Jorge. I was a bit constrained with where I set the tripod up as there was a drop to the left hand side, but I see what you mean and when I return up there I’ll try another shot a bit further back to move the fence further across.

Thank you Igor. It was a bit of an unusual horizon which may have help me with the blend of the two photos. Thank you for the feedback.