East River Sunrise

The weekend before last I had a couple of bluebird days in Crested Butte, knowing the forecast before I went changed my shooting locations instead of going with what I planned I just went with a hail mary. This image is a result of one of those mornings. Knowing that there would be no clouds I ended up photographing many landscapes with sunstars and attempted to have little of the sky showing. Does this composition work for you?

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This works beautifully! The large version really jumps out at me - so much I was thinking the smaller, original view the aspens luminosity was a bit low, but the larger version squashed that right away.

Composition works for me. There are several interesting and enjoyable elements - First of course the sunstar pops and that first light striking the aspens is just right. But then, there’s the meandering river and the autumn slope that is still in shadow. Overall, an excellent autumn landscape to spend time viewing.


Hi Jody,
Excellent composition with nice depth and arrangement of elements. Processing looks good to my eye. Minor stuff but I might shave a hair off the left side to eliminate those higher leaves that protrude into the frame on the upper left. Just cleans up the borders a bit more.

It definitely works and feels real. I’d be inclined to give a little more light to the group of aspens on the right that have yet to be sun-lit.

Nice one Jody - that light certainly has some pop on the aspens. I can see a little ‘bow’ around the sun which is sometimes an indicator of either the whites or highlights being pulled back a little too hard. Best way to fix it would be some painted light on a soft light blend mode to give a sense of glow. If you have some more sky, including some more might help to balance the comp a little better. Aside from that it’s really nicely executed shot and you get a great sense of the light in the scene.


Hi Jody. Long time since we met in Colorado with Jimmy G! I will be the loner on this one, as the comp is not really working for me. I like everything except the river. It’s intricate pattern grabs my eye and holds it there, while I want to be exploring the rest of the image. Sacrilege, but I would do a quick clone of the river and compare the scenes. As said, I am the outlier on this, so take it for what it is worth. :slight_smile: