Edit images won't load

When I use the Edit function to load a reworked image, it won’t load, times out, and I get an error message. Anyone else having issues?

I just tried downloading an image for a rework, and was having issues too, it wouldn’t work.

@David_Kingham will likely have to look into this to see what is going on.

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Sorry for the delay, I’m currently in Yellowstone with extremely limited connectivity, I’ll try to take a look at this tomorrow, I’m not sure if this message will even get through.

No problem. It seems to be working now, David.


the issue seems to be fixed, thanks for taking care of it.

@David_Kingham Hi, David. The same issue appears to be occurring this morning. When I try to load an edited image to an original post, I get a “502 Error”. Thanks

Correction: The image loaded, but I can’t arrow between images.

Hmm I’ll have to investigate this further this coming week, I’ve fixed the post you were having issues with but need to find the root cause. Sorry for the trouble!

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Hey, no problem, David. Thanks for looking into it.