Elegant Trogon


What technical feedback would you like if any? My first time posting for critique. Any and all feedback would be greatly appreciated

What artistic feedback would you like if any?

Pertinent technical details or techniques:

(If backgrounds have been removed, etc. please be honest with your techniques to help others learn). Used TK Panel7 to burn background and spotlight bird.

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The thumbnail looks great but I can’t open it to see the larger image.

Hi Doreen. Welcome to NPN and the Avian forum. This does look like a nice shot of the Trogon in the thumbnail, but as Allen noted, for some reason it’s not opening a larger version. You might try posting it again in a comment… The composition and head turn look very good, but it’s really too small to critique further.

Beautiful bird Doreen, I don’t think I have ever seen one before!!! I love the lighting on the background and the birds colors. Welcome to NPN!

Welcome to NPN Doreen. From the thumbnail, you captured a beautiful bird and I like how it appears well lit and stands out from the background, so I’d say your processing work came out well. Where was this taken?

Hi Allen

I’m sorry about the thumbnail. I’m going to submit another so it can be critiqued to its fullest potential :blush:. The photo was taken at Madera Canyon near Tucson, AZ.


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I hope this image will work better for critique. Thank you.

You got it, Doreen. I still love the pose and composition. The colors looks very good. I am seeing some signs of what looks like oversharpening of the bird itself (some digitizing texture showing up in the plumage) and the plumage seems to be exhibiting a fair amount of noise. It might be helpful if you posted your shooting parameters (focal length, iso, f/stop, shutter speed, etc) and any major adjustments in post processing. I see you did note the use of the TK7 panel and I can see why you wanted to bring the background down, which seems to have worked pretty well without looking overdone.

A very nice image and excellent first post. I’ll enjoy seeing more of your work and your comments on other’s images.

Thank you Dennis for your critique. Yes, I agree with you about the pixelation in the plumage. The photo was shot at 1/1000s, f/6.3, 600mm (Sigma Sports Lens 150-600mm). I shoot with a canon 1DX MK II.