Ellies just want to have fun

Elephants just want to have fun :slight_smile:

Elephants may look ungainly, but they are excellent climbers, and swimmers, even down to the tiny calves…

These two sub-adults spent at least half an hour cavorting around in the water, wrestling and just having great fun.

Sony A9i / Sony 70mm-200mm f2.8 GM OSS

Location: Jacobin Concession area - Sabi Sands area - South Africa.

I cannot access the image. Maybe I am not doing something correctly, or perhaps they have magical powers that allow them to disappear along with their other excellent abilities. Look forward to seeing this.

Hi Jim, I am new to this site and have not yet got my head around things…I re-posted and there are now two images :slight_smile: Not sure what you are not doing/doing because I can see the images… *This image ( And a lot of others) is also available on my Instagram feed : timdriman

Hi Tim !

Welcome to NPN !
I just love their playful pose and they are beautifully lit by low sun and this helps extract some wonderful details in their dark skin!
Looking forward to more images from your collection !

PS. You happened to upload the image twice, I have removed the second one. You can do this by clicking the edit button.

Hi Jagdeep. Thanks so much for correcting my error of posting twice… Kindly forgive my slip as I am slowly getting my head around this posting process as I post images and stories on various platforms, all of which have different procedures.

I tried to post an article and had difficulty in doing so… Do you accept articles and images relating to nature photography?

I usually just use a simple Word Document for the text and We Transfer for images when I post articles, so if you feel they would add value to this platform, would you kindly give me some guidance on how you would like it done… *My guess is that you would prefer to see and approve such material prior to posting, so would be more than happy to send to an email address. My email is timdriman@iafrica.com

Have a great day, take care and stay safe.

Hi Tim!
It would be great idea to share your articles and stories, you may get in touch with David_Kingham, the owner of NPN, he happend to post the first msg. on your post. I’m sure he would be happy to share your articles.


I love Elephants playing in the water - Can’t stop watching - and photographing them !

I love this photo, Tim! Completely unique poses and a great capture of this fun action! The lighting is special also. What a great opportunity and you really took advantage of it! Very well done!

Thank you Jagdeep. Sincerely appreciated.