End of Summer

A reflection on great times in the summer but sadness at the end.

Specific Feedback Requested

composition and processing

Technical Details

Is this a composite: No

A wonderful photograph, Mario. The grasses in the foreground provide the foundation and the object out on the water (boat, raft) evokes a powerful sense of isolation and expanse. My only suggestion would be to ease up on the vignette in the extreme upper left and right - a little too abrupt to my taste in those two spots. But really, so moody.

Thank you Kerry
I suspected it may have been too much vignette. It is actually a swimming dock.

This totally works for me. Minimalist and with processing the shows how good a minimalist image can be . Nicely done.

I agree, this is a great minimalist image. And I love the contrast between the sharpness of the grasses, and the softness of the foggy dock. I also think the severe vignette clashes with the otherwise calm and quiet mood in the rest of the image. I would completely eliminate the vignette at the top, and reduce its strength in the bottom.