End of the Line

Likely a worker’s shack that has fallen into serious disrepair. When no longer habitable these buildings are typically abandoned. If the building were to be demolished, the scrap would not be worth the cost of demolition. Since they present no hazard they are left to crumble. In some jurisdictions the taxing bodies will continue levying taxes on the buildings. In those locales, owners often allow the local fire districts to burn the building(s) as a training exercise.

Technical Details

EF 70-200mm @ 70mm; f/8 @ 1/640 sec, -0.33 EV, ISO 100


As always, I love these B&W scenes. Keep 'em coming.

Thank you, David. It is so much fun to find these gems as I travel, and when I do, to work to get a good composition which satisfies my thoughts when I look at the scene. Derelict buildings are not why I am out in the areas where I encounter them, but it is rare that I pass one by without stopping to see if I can tell its story with a photograph. There are no “gimmies.” I generally know I am going to convert the image to B&W. It gives me opportunities to improve my composition and post processing skills.

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