A little canyon in the North shore mountains near Vancouver, BC.

Specific Feedback Requested

Is it better cropped off the right side? Any other feed back or opinions are greatly appreciated.

Technical Details

Is this a composite: No


Hi Blake, What a wonderful image. I’m not sure why, but to me the cropped version is a bit more intimate and immediate. The water is nicely blurred, the mist in the background is awesome and the greens are nicely done. The only suggestion I would have is to crop or clone out the rock in the bottom center. To me, it feels like a hard stop in a smooth flowing scene.

Your processing is great too. Would love to know the details–camera, lens, shutter speed, etc…


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This is full of atmosphere Blake. A wonderful green pallet from the trees to the rocks to the water. I also love the mist at the back.
For me the crop with more rock on the right has it.

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I am really enjoying exploring this image Blake. It’s gorgeous; from the very limited palette of greens to the subtle blurring of the stream. Wonderful composition that drags me into the scene.

My only feeble suggestion would be to lose the tiny water swirl? on the bottom edge along with smallish rock in the middle bottom.

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Thanks David, great feedback!
EXIF: ISO/100 F/16 1 sec
Nikon D850 w nikkor 24-100mm

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Thanks Ryan and Glenys. That rock definitely has a date with the clone stamp tool :beers:

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Atmospheric to say the least. I also prefer the cropped image because it heightens the sense of claustrophobia that gives this image its power. I would say the same about the green cast that pervades - just looking at the picture I feel like I can’t quite get enough air. I really must get back out to B.C.'s West Coast.

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I prefer the second crop as well. Agree about the small rock at the bottom edge - it’s an eye magnet. Have you played with adding a tiny bit of a warm color to the opening at the back? You can do it any number of ways, but it’s something I always feel adds a welcoming element to the back of a photo like this. A soft, warm glow feels inviting and adds depth. At least to me. Other than that and maybe lifting the shadows a bit in the ULC, this is really pretty wonderful as is. What a great part of the country. I really need to get up there.

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Fantastic!! I thought the first couldn’t be better, then I scrolled down, and had the same reaction as David – the second feels more intimate. I agree about the rock at the bottom and the idea of subtle warming by @Kris_Smith, but still give it an 11/10.

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What a gorgeously captured scene Blake!

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What a fantastic image! I love it. I too prefer the cropped version (ever so slightly) and I would also clone out the rock in the bottom center.

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Thanks Kristen, Diane, Carol and Tom. Invaluable feedback, much appreciated!

A great scene. I almost feel my cloths getting damp when I see it. The exposure time is just right to give the water its flow, without losing the dynamics. No “milky” look.
Like most posters before me, I’d prefer to remove the rock at the lower edge. Unlike most other posters I prefer the wider crop. Maybe it is the aspect ratio, or the centering of the stream, I don’t know.

Beautiful image Blake. I’d be happy with either one. You realy captured the mood of the scene.

Your composition brings order to a busy scene. I like the way that you used the contrasting light and shadow areas in the frame to lead the viewers eye into the scene. The shutter speed looks good as it provides a nice balance between conveying motion and retaining detail in the water. The dark overall presentation evokes a moody feel.


Beautiful use of light and composition. Both are really OK and i can’t decide which one is better. Anyway, I’m in line with Brian

Blake, to me it is a place as in a dream.

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Thank you Ben, Jorma and Brian, the feedback is much appreciated :pray::pray::pray: