Enlarged photo will not scroll horizontally

You should be able to scroll in any direction. What OS and browser are you using? Also, are you talking about the lightbox when you first click it, or when you click the view full size link?

When I click the picture above in this thread, it will enlarge more than my 27" high-res screen will hold. There is a vertical scroll bar on the right but not on the bottom, and I can’t find any key that will let me scroll horizontally. I normally use Firefox but it’s the same with Safari. (I’m running the new M1 Pro MacBook Pro with an external monitor, OS Monterey, but this is an old issue for me.)

I see what you’re talking about now @Diane_Miller , the scroll bar is down at the bottom of the page, so you need to scroll all the way down to access that, or you can also use your trackpad to pan around in either direction without having to go to the bottom.

OK – now I can see it – but I swear I’ve looked there before (on a number of occasions when trying to see a full-res image) and not found it. So that makes me wonder if I’m losing it, as scroll bars are not exactly high tech to me. I did resize the browser window just now before I scrolled down to look for it again, but don’t know if that made any difference. It shouldn’t have been hiding behind the dock… Anyhow – thanks, it’s working now for me!