Enter my forest

Color, chaos and beauty together

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Ben, this is great. It is unusual and takes a bit of time and contemplation of the bigger image in order to truly appreciate the art. The foreground trees act as a “chain link fence” where you can see through, but are blocked from actually entering. I am having a great time peering through those trees to see what’s farther on.

I love the creative vision you had with this image. There is a lot of chaos here but the two main trees give it structure and order. I’m not sure why I can’t download this. I wanted to see what darkening those two trees a bit would do. I thought that darkening them might invite the viewer to enter more between them. Or not.

Hi Ben,

This one is growing on me… but honestly it’s more chaos than order… Although most certainly the two trunks framing the chaos are really well placed and do elevate this a bit above just a random view of sticks and branches… And the fact that there are some gentle curves and leaning are a big bonus over just some straight vertical trunks.

Color is important here as it defines all the various elements that the eye gets to explore, bringing yet a bit more order out of the chaos.

Hmmm, I’m not sure if this would make a difference, but when I scroll-crop and eliminate the horizontal fallen tree/branch and leaf litter… the image changes from a chaotic forest scene, to an image about the colors and stronger verticals ordering the scene over the chaos of all the little sticks and branches. Just a thought…


What I like most about this image, Ben, beyond the wonderful framing, is how you’ve handled it in post. You’ve given it the feel of a fine line drawing. It feels like a super real illustration, which I find very appealing.

@Kerry_Gordon , @Igor_Doncov , @David_Bostock , @Lon_Overacker . By this late reaction . I like to thank you all four your comments. They where nice and always there is something to learn or to change by the view of others!