Enveloped plus rework


Revised crop for better composition as recommended by Igor and removal of rock in the LLC

One more image from my trip to San Diego a couple of weeks ago. I was walking along a stretch of extremely rocky beach looking for rock shots and waves crashing. After a couple of hours, on my return trip to the car with sore feet and a couple of cuts on my shin, I spotted this very small scene. This image is the bottom of a cliff face that is mostly made up of rocks, one on top of the other, crumbling into the sea. This one spot jumped out at me because it was the only spot where there was just one rock, completely enveloped in sandstone, at the base of the cliff. I really liked the horizontal rusty colors above the rock and the smaller, multi colored rocks beneath. This was my last image of the day. Too sore after this walk. :slight_smile:
I hope you like this image as much as do.

Specific Feedback Requested

Any and all comments and suggestions are always appreciated

Technical Details

Is this a composite: No
Nikon Z711, ISO 160, 24-70mm lens @ 59mm, 1/80 @ f/10 stack of 4 images


I like this one very much, David. It almost seems like a clam shell.

I sure understand why you stop at that rock “enveloped” , and I also love those colored stripes.
But for me all those colored rocks beneath does not work. It feels strange to me.
(I don’t want to look rude, but feel honesty is better)

I really like this one. Just for yuks, I cropped off the bottom rocks after reading Joao’s comment. I find I quite like the bottom rocks. I find it provides good visual contrast and a sense of layering in the image. A cool abstract.

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This is a very cool little geological scene. The colors are beautiful. And I like the rocks at the bottom. I think a possible issue with the rocks is that combined with the bright area of the enveloping structure they give too much visual weight to the lower half of the frame. The subdued contrast and colors of the upper half add to that feeling.

I was thinking that bringing a bit more contrast to the top half and toning down the enveloping structure would even things out, balance wise. I took a crack at it - hope you don’t mind. Maybe even a bit more color contrast at the top would do, but I didn’t want to overdo it.

Anyway, this is well seen. I’m impressed that you stopped for one last shot on your way back after cracking your shins!

I find that good clean intimate compositions are hard to find. As you describe, you can walk for hours and not see one. It’s usually best to not look for them and let them appear to you. I pretty much agree with Joao’s viewpoint about the bottom rocks. Maybe a square image that includes all of the bottom? You lose those beautiful stripes but you have a more balanced composition. The stone layer is also very neutral in color. You could experiment with cooling it. Overall I like the image and I see potential with it.

The stone on the left edge is an issue.

Thanks @David_Bostock for your comment. It definitely does look like a clamshell.
Thanks @joaoquintela for your honesty. Honesty is definitely what I’m looking for. Don’t ever be afraid to tell me your real thoughts. That’s what I’m here for. I totally get it about the rocks. I felt like I had to include them because there was no room beneath the main rock to crop the composition. I also thought that the big rock looked kind of like it was birthing these smaller rocks beneath it but I also see why you may not like it. It’s very different from the main subject. Thanks again Joao! Oh, I’ve posted another version from Igor that might be better composed. I’m wondering if you like this one any better.
Thank @Harley_Goldman for your input. Glad you like the rocks at the bottom. I just couldn’t frame this up any other way.
Thanks @Bonnie_Lampley for your rendition with more contrast. I very much appreciate the effort you put into it. I think it works well. I may look into redoing this to even the visual weight on this one.
Thanks @Igor_Doncov . I think you have hit the sweet spot with this composition. I do prefer it. Yep, the rock on the left is an issue. I’m not great at processing to this degree but I may give that rock on the left some work. Cloning or something. Not sure what. I think I will repost with your rendition to see what other think. I appreciate the effort and the time.