Episode 129 - Dan Hawk

Matt is still on the road. I’ve got to catch up on this episode. Any thoughts or comments about this discussion?


Well, I’ll start it! I just have to say that it was great connecting with Matt. This was a really fun conversation and though it wasn’t your usual discussion about landscape photography, it certainly covered a lot of the things I end up talking about with other nature photographers.

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Yeah man! I had a great time chatting with you this week. You brought a lot of great discussion to the table and I think there’s some pearls of wisdom in there for anyone listening!

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ey guys,

I enjoyed this episode. From a business perspective it was great to hear about another approach that isnt focused on workshops or tutorials.

It’s good to hear that shooting all day doesn’t diminish your desire to get out there to shoot landscapes.


Yeah I have to admit, after a long day of shooting I feel pretty tired of using the camera and my creative juices are SHOT. =) Pun intended.

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Thanks Nathan! Yeah, I think the primary fatigue comes from interacting with people and doing business development- ie- hustling to find more work. In many ways, landscape photography is sort of the opposite, which is why it acts as a counterbalance for me.

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