Episode 25 - Personality Types and Landscape Photography

Do you know your personality type?
How does your personality type help with your photography?

When I began my journey as a landscape photographer, I actually thought that nobody saw the world and photography the way that I did. That thought led me to believe that my photos would be revolutionary… Spoiler alert, they were not. I believe that it was my misunderstanding of myself and my reason for creating photos that I eventually burnt out. The burn out led me back to myself and a deeper wonder about why I love photography. Because my journey helped me appreciate my photography more, I wanted to share some resources for helping you understand your motivation to create landscape photos.

I want to also say that I can’t stand personality tests. I do not like being put in a box, so that’s not what I’m trying to do to you either. My goal is to help you put reason to your thought and creative motivation. It’s important to understand the reasons behind your thoughts and also why you have difficulty with certain things in landscape photography.

For example, I am not an analytical person and I’m also an introvert. That’s why I have some difficulty teaching workshops when it comes down to explaining how cameras and technology works. I understand how they work, but I’m bad at explaining the function of specific parts. I also have a much easier time understanding creative compositions rather than settings. It’s your internal motivation that helps you know and address these strengths and weaknesses.