Episode 26 - In the Beginning We are All Impostors With Chris Burkard

Do you sometimes feel like an impostor?

I’ve been following Chris Burkard since I got into landscape photography because, well, who doesn’t? His posts on social media mixed with his films reveal jaw dropping shots and pull the curtain back to reveal the extensive planning for each assignment. The accolades and awards for Chris are endless, however, he puts the most effort into being a husband and a dad.

The reason I wanted to have Chris Burkard on The Landscape Photography Show was to get his take on a lot of topics we’ve already discussed with people like Sean Bagshaw, Joshua Cripps, and others. However, Chris has a different take and a unique view on locations, compositions, and even photo editing.

The one thing that came up while we were talking was the phrase, “In the beginning we are all impostors.” The vulnerability of this statement should resonate with everyone listening. Now, that is somewhat of a tease to what comes next in his statement that should get you to hit play. The fact that photographers as successful as Chris say that should make you stop judging yourself and your photos.