Episode 29 - The Difficulties of Being a Creator With Nick Page

Is it brave to be a creator?

If you have been on YouTube at any point in the last few years and searched “Landscape photography,” you have probably seen a Nick Page video. While Nick’s photography success has been great, there are always periods of self doubt and ruts when you’re a creator.

Nick and I sat down to discuss what it was like when he recently went through a tough time of being uninspired by photography. His personal creative challenges weren’t helped by some trolling on social media as well.
I feel that as we all move into territories of a media-driven culture, we should listen to Nick and take his advice.

In this episode, Nick Page and I also discuss several topics on his journey into photography and even how his background in every photography genre has helped him in his favorite, landscapes. Not only that, but we also field several questions that came in on Instagram for Nick to answer.