Episode 32 - A Family Full of Landscape Photographers With Nicki Frates

Is landscape photography a family affair?

Nicki Frates is no stranger to landscape photography. She comes from a background in fashion design where she honed her skills of bringing visions to life, as well as exercised a keen awareness about the market. Her vision has been enhanced by her spiritual connection to the natural world, and her intention is to share a bit of that magic through each photo.

In my discussion with Nicki, I wanted to ask her several questions on how she relates her landscape photography back to her family ties. Her father, Dennis Frates, is a photographer. Her husband, David Dinette, is also a photographer. Managing family relationships in the field can be tough, but Nicki gives us some insight into how it actually helps her.

I also wanted to talk with Nicki about her creative background in fashion and how that helps her with landscape photography. I think it’s always beneficial to have that separate creative outlet other than photography to help you appreciate photography more, and develop new ideas for photography through other avenues of expression.