Episode 33 - What is Quiet Light With Adam Gibbs

What is your favorite kind of light?

When many photographers begin their journey into the deep wormhole that is landscape photography, they tend to gravitate towards the grand landscape. Large overlook scenes paired with epic light definitely create amazing photos. However, those experiences are few and far between. You rely on the amazing light.

Once I realized this, I started studying photographers like Adam Gibbs and their approach to photograph intimate scenes in quiet light. Adam photographs grand landscapes as well, however, he is one of the best at composing smaller scenes in the outdoors.

In this episode of the Landscape Photography Show, Adam Gibbs and I discuss his journey into landscape photography and the advantages that a background in garden photography gave him. We also discuss the question of “what is quiet light?” Not only do we talk about light, but we also touch on topics of talking about how photographers can collaborate.