Episode 35 - Expressive Landscape Photography With Allister Benn

Do you practice expressive photography?

I honestly didn’t know what to expect when I had Alister Benn on The Landscape Photography Show to talk about expressive photography. Not to stereotype, but he is Scottish, so was he going to be five pints deep? Spoiler, he wasn’t. I had watched some of Alister’s content on his YouTube channel, so I was familiar with him, but this was the first time we had talked that wasn’t email.

It was nice to discover how intent and exact Alister Benn is with his words. I typically have several questions written down for my guests. However, I didn’t really get to any of them with Alister because it seemed like every answer sparked new questions. In our discussion we went down the rabbit hole of expressive landscape photography and how to use emotion in your work.

We also discuss one of my favorite topics in photography and in life, personality types and how they can impact the extension of who you are. This has a lot to do with how you photograph the landscape. Not only does it help you see photography in a specific way, but it also helps you interact with other cultures. It’s always nice to talk to other photographers who are passionate about personality.