Episode 36 - Why Photographers are Afraid of Creativity

Creativity is a funny thing, and photographers are afraid of it. It’ interesting how we strive and strive to take more creative photos, but the thing we strive for scares us to death.

Photography is arguably the most difficult to be creative with because it implies that photography is art. Even though it is, we often think art is refined and comes with a high status.

Refined is something landscape photographers are not. We are typically sleeping in strange places, haven’t showered, and covered in mud. We are far from refined. However, we still produce art.

The definition of creativity implies two things; that we are artists, and that we are first.

First is scary.

First is known and seen.

First is vulnerable.

First is uncomfortable.

It’s the reason photographers are afraid of creativity. We don’t want to bee seen or known. We want to be in the woods by ourselves. We are more comfortable around bird sounds than we are other people.

It’s with all of this in mind that I wanted to share this podcast.

You’ll hear several stories that culture would label failures. You may even relate to some. However, realizing and labeling those helps me try to be more creative.

Is it easy for me to record podcasts like this?


But I already hit record, so let’s see where this goes.