Episode 37 - An Honest Discussion About Race and Photography With David Thompson

I’ve always admired David Thompson’s photography. He was about two years into his landscape photography journey when I started mine, and I remember seeing one of his photos for the first time. It struck me that a photograph could be so stunning, provoking, and complex, yet the composition is so simple. That’s really when I began using light to seclude subjects and work on composition more.

So, it’s no wonder that I reached out to David to have him on the podcast. In the time we scheduled the interview and actually sat down to talk, the murder of George Floyd occurred. Since David is African American, I asked if he would be willing to discuss his view on issues surround Black Lives Matter. He obliged.

I want to challenge you to simply listen to David. Without getting worked up over your views, clear your beliefs and your mind and simply listen. I truly believe that his words will open the doors to difficult, yet necessary, discussions that will be helpful for everyone.

Since there is no easy transition from race back to the fun hobby that photography can be, we simply jumped right into it. David Thompson has a very interesting approach to learning photography techniques through trial and error that rang true to my roots in landscape photography as well. We also discuss how he gets his compositions so clean, his introduction to cypress trees, and his thoughts on the future of drone regulations and how drones still have so much untapped potential.