Episode 39 - Adventure Responsibly With Phill Monson

Do you practice the nature first principles?

“I’m basically a grown man LARPing around in nature, and it’s ridiculous, and I love doing it.”

That’s probably my favorite quote from Phill Monson during our chat on how to adventure responsibly in the outdoors while also enjoying landscape photography.

Now, you may know Phill as his alter ego, Nigel the Litter Hunter. I also knew Nigel more than I knew Phill. After our discussion, I came away understanding that the two really aren’t very different at all. In fact, Nigel is really just Phill with a mediocre Australian accent and a pair of short shorts.

Adventure Responsibly is the reason behind everything Phill Monson does. While he loves landscape photography as a creative expression and medium, you can tell that he gets fired up about preserving the places we love to photograph. Educating conservation principles is “the why” behind everything he does.