Episode 40 - Landscape Photography in Utah With Dustin Lefevre

Dustin LeFevre. Not a morning person. Newly acquired coffee drinker. Utah landscape photographer.

I really enjoyed talking with Dustin about his life in Utah and his journey in photography. It was inspiring to me to hear his background with the camera and the connection that he has through past experiences with his mother.

The interesting thing about photography is that it has the ability to take us back to our past while allowing us to create new memories in real-time. In a sense, photography lets us time hop. I felt that and was reminded of that with Dustin.

One of the most interesting things that I spoke about with Dustin was his yes and no desire to go full-time in landscape photography. I love that he loves his day job. I love that he loves photography. I think we all need to consider that thought. Is photography really something you want to rely on to pay your bills? If yes, great! If no, that doesn’t make you any less of a photographer. I applaud Dustin for his self-awareness in that sense.