Episode 43 - A Multi-Genre Approach to Outdoor Photography With David Swindler

My favorite podcasts to record with people are the ones where I have no idea what to expect. This episode with David Swindler is one of those.

Now, I can typically presume the flow of the episode, but I like not knowing what the other person sounds like or how they talk. I had never listened to David Swindler talk, but I had read some of what he’d written and his website.

David’s approach to outdoor photography is much like my own. If there’s wildlife, photograph the wildlife. If conditions are for landscapes, shoot landscapes. If both come together then you get the best of both worlds and an amazing experience in the outdoors. We discuss that in detail during our interview.

David and I also discuss how he jumped into photography after an impressive career in engineering. I’m not going to pretend like I knew everything David was talking about with his previous career, however, it’s always inspiring to me to hear how people follow their passion and boldly go into photography.


Because photography is an extremely difficult career to be financially successful with, whatever your definition of financial success is. I applaud everyone who takes the risk and is that bold.