Episode 45 - Appreciating Places and Art With Candace Dyar

In episode 43, we spoke with Ryan Dyar.

This week, we are talking about landscape photography with Candace Dyar.

I was excited to talk with Candace because of her knowledge of art history and how it has the ability to give inspiration to landscape photography. Admittedly, this is a concept that I’m not too familiar with. However, after we talked, I dove deep into the rabbit hole of artists who paint incredible depictions of nature.

Learning is something we should never switch off. For me, learning about culture and history is both interesting and beneficial to my understanding of the world.

I was thankful that Candace brought up the topic of Native American influence on the places landscape photographers love to capture in still images. Native American storytelling reflects how we try to capture dynamic weather and place. It also gives us a deeper appreciation for nature and encourages us to preserve it at all costs.