Episode 46 - Do We Actually Believe Landscape Photography is Art?

This entire episode of The Landscape Photography Show is derived from one tweet that led me down a long rabbit hole.

Photography is creativity in a straitjacket. Yeah, you have plenty of artistic latitude, but there’s still an expectation by your audience of representing a real moment.

-Richard Bernabe (@bernabephoto)

There are so many words and visuals within that tweet that tormented me for weeks.

I dove deep into the history surrounding our icon in landscape photography, Ansel Adams, and his journey through this same argument. I found that Ansel had haters too and even questioned his newly-discovered style of photography.

This discussion will have many layers, but that’s because creativity is not linear, it’s cyclical.

After listening to this episode of The Landscape Photography Show, I hope that you will have a better understanding of photography in the art world. However, more importantly, I hope that you will have a better understanding of your journey through artistic photography.

Hi David, listened to your episode questioning whether Landscape Photography is Art. It’s an interesting question - both historically and depending on the audience. In searching for fresh air (escape from smoke on the peninsula) I ventured out to the Baylands (Duck Pond area) in Palo Alto. I roved around the edge of the pond with camera in hand and happened to look through a fence to see this painted on the wall of the building inside what is ostensibly a migratory bird sanctuary. It immediately reminded me of your article. I think this ancient Roman statesman spoke truth here: (Here’s one without my thumb -beautiful as it is - I was holding open the locked gate a bit and I guess my thumb was . . . well here’s one where it wasn’t . . . )

That would have summed up my 30 minutes of rambling perfectly haha!

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