Episode 49 - Using Style to Break Stigmas With Sarah Lyndsay

When I asked Sarah Lyndsay to be on The Landscape Photography Show, I knew exactly what she was going to be like; a fun, bubbly personality that had a unique vision for her photography. Sarah didn’t disappoint.

One topic we discussed was Sarah’s new adventure into the world of YouTube. I knew her YouTube channel was going to be educational and entertaining because I’ve been watching her Instagram stories for a long time now. However, I was interested to hear how she was discovering some of the difficulties of filming while capturing a photo at the same time. Her thoughts and ideas actually gave me encouragement and new ideas for film making on YouTube.

Sarah and I also discuss a subject that can be touchy at times; gender stigmas and how they are perceived in photography.

Since Sarah strategically places herself into the frame often, we talked about how that is viewed as a female versus a male. Why are females viewed as seductive when males who do the same thing are viewed as adventurous? Listen to hear Sarah’s thought provoking and stigma breaking thoughts.