Episode 52 - More of a Creative Experience With Kevin Jordan

If you listened to episode 50 and episode 51 then you’re already familiar with Kevin Jordan.

If you didn’t listen to those, you should, and then you should subscribe for free on your favorite podcast listening platform (shameless plug).

Kevin interviewed me for a grueling hour and a half, so this was my turn to grill him on photography.

I was interested to ask Kevin several questions about his big road trip to several national parks of which I got to see him for the first leg.

One of the other things that I really wanted to discuss with Kevin was one we’ve talked about while camping before, and that’s why some photographers should NOT go pro.

In our talk, Kevin lays out several realistic reasons why some photographers shouldn’t fall in love with the idea of being a photographer, but should instead consider everything that goes into being a photographer full-time. His comments will open some eyes.