Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind

On this morning around 5.00am, I marched along with a few other passionate photographers to the top of the view point. Golden hour was in an hour, the cold was creeping through our veins but the hope kept me warm and cozy. As the first rays of the sun kissed the scattered clouds, I knew the Sun God had finally smiled on me. Scattered light sprinkled across an inversion of clouds etched an eternal sunshine in my spotless mind!

Specific Feedback Requested

What feeling does this image convey to the user? Any other general feedback, if any, will be helpful. Is this image gallery worthy?

Technical Details

Exposure Bracketed. f/11. 1/40 sec. ISO 200.


Amith, this is really a wonderful image. I love the color, the light, and the low clouds over the hill. Everything about this says peace and welcome to the new day. The only think I might consider is lightening up the blacks in the bottom half just a bit. They’re so dark, the pull me away from the beauty of the rest of th image.

This is an excellent image and one certainly worth printing large. Well done.

Thank you so much David. I see what you mean by lightening up the blacks. The balance looks great now.

This image makes me wish to be there at that moment. Well worth the climb and the early rise!
Great capture.
I agree with @David_Bostock that a small adjustment to the dark tints in the bottom will improve the image to an even better one.

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I also get a feeling of gentle awakening, with the warmth of the sun taking over over the cold of night. The light on the inversion is very nice and helps keep the eye within the frame.

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Thank you Han. Really appreciate the feedback.