Eucalyptus Scape

I would be happy to move this to another gallery, I dont know if this really fits in here.
This is a eucalyptus tree scape with done with a F22, and a marginal pan down while the shutter was open.

These things happen when a macro photographer does not find insects …
6DII, 180 Tamron Macro, F22, 1/4, ISO 400


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I like this a lot Balan. Just the right amount of motion blur and there is a nice mix of steely gray and green.

I usually don’t like these type of images but this is about as good as it gets. Great work, Balan.

No need to move it, and it does not matter where it goes - it is gorgeous anyway!!

Balan, I like motion blurs like this, and it’s something I should try more often. Makes for an interesting exercise in creativity. I like it as framed, but for whatever reason the darker tree on the left feels a little off. Possibly changing its color balance might help? Hard to tell.


Very creative, effective and pleasing. I don’t often get a sense of calm and easiness with motion blurs, but this is quiet, almost comforting.


An outstanding abstract, Balan. This would look great on a wall.