This is from one of the local desert gardens here in Tucson. It was a (rare) overcast day and I wanted to use the soft light to explore the shapes and textures (mostly prickly) of the plants there. I think this a plant of the genus Euphorbia and is also known as African spurge. I always intended this to be B&W once I saw the jpg on camera’s LCD.

What technical feedback would you like if any?

This is a focus-blended image with a new technique to enhance detail. It looks OK to me, but let me know if I’ve taken it too far.

What artistic feedback would you like if any?

I opted for a really strong vignette here as it seemed to enhance the radiating stems of the plant. Again, wondering if it feels too heavy or is artistically acceptable.

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That’s a pretty neat looking cactus, Tony. Never seen one before, but looks like to me it should be called “quadra prickly”. I don’t do vignettes myself, but seems to work quite well with this B&W presentation.

Very cool image, Tony! Kinda looks like skyscrapers, but much better! :grinning: Excellent and unusual.

I really like this. Must confess at first glance I thought it was a drone shot - very interesting point of view. I would be interested to understand the post processing approach - presuming TK actions were used.

Tony: The large version is a MUST SEE! Wonderful details and a masterful conversion. I’d be curious to see the color original but I think this would be hard to top. >=))>

A fascinating plant! Great macro subject. I like the vignette as is.

Excellent abstract comp, Tony, which works great in b & w. The fading of the light into the bg is a lovely effect.

Oh my, Tony, a great abstract! The vignette clearly “made” this image special.

I love this, Tony! I think the processing is spot on and that the vignette works perfectly with the subject and composition. I wish this photo was part of my portfolio.

Gorgeous and not too heavy on the vignette. I’m in favor of enhancement if it results in such a beautiful, artistic rendering. It makes a stunning B and W.

Very nice effect. It’s like a bouquet, or an explosion, or even columnar basalt. I agree that the tonal gradation from edge to center work well for this centered composition. I don’t know how this looks on the big screen but I wonder if less severe vignetting would give richer tonal gradations. I would bring down the bright highlights in the center and slightly raise the shadows on the edges. I’d do that as an experiment.