European Goldfinch

For those who read (or have seen the movie) The Goldfinch by Donna Tart, this is the bird in the Fabritius’ painting. Different from the North-American Goldfinch. Anyway, I went out looking for Bittern (which I didn’t find) and found three finches instead - feeding from a Thistle. The bird in Dutch is nowadays called “Putter” but in the old days it was called (translated) “Thistle Finch”, which makes much more sense than the new names. Ah well. No blurring or cloning, the BG is a dried-out grass ramp from the highway. I just cropped the image a bit. Thanks for any comments and have a nice weekend, Cheers, Hans

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Nikon D500 with 500mm f4 | 1/1000s | f5 | ISO640 | overexposed 1FS | monopod

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Putter does sound like a silly name, Hans. Is many ways, I prefer the looks of the European goldfinch to ours, though both are lovely birds. I really like your composition and the background in this image, and the perch is perfect. I’m glad you left the little bit of leaf sticking in-for some reason it’s needed to balance the image.

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I really like this. Superb color, BG, detail, perch. I also prefer the plumage on the Euro GF as opposed to the American GF. I have seen them in various places in Europe but have never has a good opportunity to photograph one. They did try to introduce these to America but they did not take.

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Nice feeding image Hans. Love behavioral captures like this. Nice composition and background. I wonder if the bright areas of the image should be reduced slightly especially the bird’s beak and white part of flower below. Very nice image.

A really nice job on a unique looking bird. It is surprising how relatively common local birds can be quite exotic looking. A really nice pose while it is eating.

Fine image of this bird - excellent colors, fabulous background and well composed with a interesting perch. I really like the thistle blossom in the frame and the seed bits in the beak.