European Stonechat and Repost

Seen on a visit to Sussex, England this month, this little bird loves to perch atop bushes, posts or fences. This is a female.

Specific Feedback Requested

All comments welcome.

Technical Details

Is this a composite: No
D500 + Tamron 150-600. f7.1 1/800 ISO 1000

Highlights reduced in PS to bring out chest colour.



Ah that is an awesome little bird. Captured very well too! Nice one, Mike.

I like the pose and the detail and coloring are great. I’d be tempted to remove the branches behind the bird.

Hi Mike
I like the framing, head, eye contact and sudtle coloring. Nice work.

A sweet pose and nice framing, Mike. The yellowish out of focus lichen above and to the left of the bird tends to draw my eye a bit.

This is a very nice image excellent detail and color. I do agree that removing the out of focus branch in the background would make a big difference.

A great little bird giving you a wonderful pose. You’ve captured her very well.

The OOF twigs in the background go nicely with the twig the bird is perched on, but they do draw my eye a little. I wonder if a blur would soften them a bit, without losing the colour altogether.

Thanks @Dennis_Plank , @David_Bostock @Allen_Brooks @peter @David_Schoen @glennie for your comments. I’ve done a Field Blur of the background, keeping just a hint of the twigs’ colour.The Repost is above.

Love the RP. I think you could push that blur a little further…

Nice work on the repost, Mike.