Evening calm, Red Rocks National Wildlife Refuge, Montana

Leica m240, Elmarit 16-18-21, f22 I think.

We pulled into RRNWR driven by a late afternoon storm, and although the campground was desolate and dreary, decided to wait it out. Just before sunset the skies in the west cleared, and I could tell it was going to be an epic evening. Now the mad scramble began to get somewhere for the golden hour. I had never been here before, so scouting around, I took a chance on a place where I could tiptoe over the hummocks of the marsh to get near to the water. Oh for a stand up paddle board, a marsh photographer’s most important piece of equipment!

With the sun on a tight angle behind me, the next challenge was not to cast a shadow on the composition. Now, all I needed were some ducks. And where are the ducks when you need them most? Alas, nowhere to be found.

I hope the simplicity of the composition communicates the peace and calm of the late day moment



Amazing picture at this amazing refuge! love the timing right before sundown! Well done!

Nice some great warm colors