Exotic Plant in Front of Mt. Rundle, Jasper Nat'l Park

What technical feedback would you like if any? Any and all.

What artistic feedback would you like if any? Really love this feedback. My wife and primary critic dislikes this image. I like it. Your critique will be appreciated.

Any pertinent technical details: Sony a6500 with a 16-70mm lense at 53mm. 1/13 sec at f/22.

You may only download this image to demonstrate post-processing techniques.

Isn’t my Rundle in Banff national park? That’s shot from vermillion lake by the looks of it

Yep. You’re right on both counts.

I struggle with this image. I don’t fully understand the plant in the foreground, and the plant also doesn’t have a base which leaves me wanting one. Looking at your settings, why f/22. So that attempted to bring more depth of field to the image, but of course with your subject distance you still are not going to get full depth. The OOF background mountain doesn’t add anything to the story of the plant for me. So… Guess I’m in the camp with your wife :hushed:

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Thanks, Keith. I appreciate the comments. Wife will welcome you to camp.

I’m afraid that I’m with your wife on this (Et tu Brutus?). On the positive side the plant colors do stand off nicely from the background. And it is nicely placed to the side, thus not blocking the mountain. But I agree with Keith Bauer’s analysis pretty much.

I don’t mean to gang up on you but I am with your wife :slight_smile: For shots like this it’s really important to think about how the elements in the frame are intersection with each other and with the edge of the frame. The mountain is framed nicely, but the way the plant intersections with the shoreline/trees, goes through the mountain, and also leaves the top of the mountain interrupts the flow of this image to me; they just don’t seem to jive together.

I would have moved backwards a bit to shoot the scene. I’d frame the plant so that it completely fits within the mountain and give a bit more sky above the mountain. I’d try a shallower depth of field so that the plant is the main subject and the out of focus mt Rundle provides a complimentary shape

Thanks, all for your comments. I’m learning a lot.
My wife is thrilled.

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